Nutrition can be regarded as the intake of food materials consisting of essential elements that can be utilized by the body concerning its dietary needs. A well-balanced diet in combination with the occasion physical activities can highly contribute to an individual health focusing on the intake of nutritional products. Globally, health organizations recommend taking of good nutrition since it increases the immunity of an individual, physical and mental development and reduces the susceptibility to diseases as well as yielding the productivity. In essence, nutrition encompasses the identification of certain diseases that may be related to the factors of dietary such as food allergies, poor diet, and intolerance of food. The definition of nutrition is wildly presented. Like in hospitals, it can be referred to as the intake of food that is required by patients in that its delivery channel is through intravenous or intragastric. But in general, nutrition is termed as the study of nutritional foods based on the utilization of nutrients by the body and its relation to health, diet, and diseases.

Nutrition plays a significant role in individuals’ health. It aids individual to attain specified optimal health since eating balanced diet foods enhances people health and improve their well-being by reducing possible risk factors that might cause death.[1] Food entails sources of energy such as vitamins, minerals, protein, and essential fats. These elements are essential in the functioning of the body since it creates cells and tissue and repairs the damaged ones. In essence, it enhances the metabolic rate of an individual. Good nutrition also provides the building blocks of muscles. Food products containing protein elements are broken down by the body into amino acids. These amino acids possess the ability of strengthening and building of muscle tissues. Proper nutrition also aids the body through provision of energy.  Foods products such as carbohydrates give the body of an individual the energy to function properly throughout your day.

However, an individual choice of food considerably affects their overall health. Research has shown that specific food choices, when combined with regular physical activities can enable individuals to maintain a healthy weight which is a primary factor that reduces the risks of chronic diseases. Research has shown that unhealthy diets and improper nutritional attainment highly contributes to the obesity epidemic whereas inadequate nutrition is linked to fundamental health risks even to those people who possess healthy weights.[2] On a daily basis, the body of an individual requires a fresh supply of nutrients that can nourish cells and build organs. The nutrients that are obtained from nutritional food product can lower the cholesterol, reduces high blood pressure, and improve an individual well-being. Nutritional food containing vitamin C is highly needed by the body for the production of collagen. Failure to acquire vitamin C can result in diseases such as Scurvy.  The disease originates to the deficiency of vitamin C. Collagen is responsible for the production of the building block of the cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bone, and skin.

Nutrition is also important in sports. Studies have revealed that proper nutrition acts as an energy supplier to the athletes when they are about to perform. Since athletes’ burn calories faster than non-athletes, they often consume a lot of calories during the day. However, the consumed calories must have originated from nutritional food based on the balanced diet of an individual. Nutritional materials that entail carbohydrates can help an athlete by building muscles and creation of red blood cells which are essential in regulating oxygen throughout the body.  A small portion of fats is also a necessary factor that can help an individual by providing energy and aids the body in processing the vitamins. Fruits and vegetables are nutritious. They are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals which are responsible for the growth of muscles and promotion of bones. Water is also an essential part of athlete nutrition. It helps in regulating temperature, aids in digestion processes, and prevents dehydration. Dehydration is responsible for initiating muscle cramps that brings fatigue. In this case, such condition will impact the performance of an athlete negatively.

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However, there are five most essential nutrients. They include; calcium, protein, fiber, iron, and antioxidant nutrients such as vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, and the mineral selenium. These nutrients possess nutritional elements that a body require on a daily basis. Fibre is needed by the body for the provision of good nutrition and healthy growth. Iron is responsible for enhancing growth and development as well as the development of the brain and its functions.[3] Poor nutrition that does not cover the consumption of such food elements has been linked with defects associated with heart disease, damages of kidney, hypertension, and diabetes. In children, it has resulted in stunted growth, causes fatigue, and lead to a low concentration at school. This implies that individuals need to eat a balanced diet which plays a vital role in good health that enhances the provision of energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and, minerals.

Moreover, nutrition throughout life promotes healthy pregnancy outcomes. Doctors often recommend intake of a low calorie diet among the pregnant women. This is due to the fact that the intake of high-calorie nutritional foods can result in overweight and obesity issues that can contribute to adverse pregnancy outcomes. Therefore, a well-balanced nutrition plays a significant role in pregnant women. Research has shown that undernutrition, overnutrition, and the composition of diet often impact the growth of the fetoplacental and lowers the metabolic patterns of an infant. This might later initiate adverse metabolic effects to the offspring later in life.[4] Therefore, having a prepared strategies of food to be consumed based on the nutritional diet can bring a fruitful success of giving birth to a healthy baby.

In summation, nutrition plays a pivotal role in individual’s’ life involving growth, reproduction, health, and diseases. The intake of food has to be selected concerning the nutrients it carries since it can significantly initiate negative or positive effects on the body. The human body requires nutrients for it to perform its functions. Taking good nutrition increases the immunity of an individual as well as physical and mental development, therefore, reduces the risk of chronic diseases and enhances the productivity of an individual.