DissertationCenter.com recommends that our clients read and understand our terms of service before making any orders with us. Our goal is to ensure you get the best experience while working with us.

Responsibility boundaries: It is the responsibility of the client to provide all the necessary details of the assignment. The company will not be responsible in case of a failure in this regard. DissertationCenter.com will also not take any responsibility if the delays in delivery of services are a result of wrong information submitted by the client.

Payment Refunds: DissertationCenter.com guarantees that all our clients will get satisfactory services for all projects they order from us. In case the company fails in its obligations, we will follow the refund guidelines and agree on what to pay you back.

Timely Delivery: DissertationCenter.com provides its clients with services on a 24-hour basis. It is our commitment to meet all the deadlines that our customers state in their orders. If we do not deliver your paper within the timeline that we agreed on, you can contact us, and we will work on appropriate steps that will leave both parties happy.

Model Papers: DissertationCenter.com does not resell past papers belonging to previous clients. We work on orders we receive from scratch, conducting the necessary research and analyses.

Online Platform: DissertationCenter.com operates as an online writing platform consisting of a team of professional writers, editors, and researchers.

Contractual Agreement before starting the project

  • DissertationCenter.com will assign the most qualified writer for every paper after which the company will ask the customer to sign a formal contract.
  • The agreement between the two parties (client and the company) comes to an end when both have completed their parts of the bargain. The company having received payment for the services and delivering the paper to the client.
  • Our commitment is to provide you with documents that are according to your quality standards. In case of any dissatisfactions, we urge the clients to use the free revisions service. If a customer is still unhappy, then both parties can begin to process refunds. We also urge them to read and understand our refund policy before making a request.

Money-back Guarantees: DissertationCenter.com will refund you the amount you had paid for our services when you are sure there is an issue of plagiarism in your work. While we have our anti-plagiarism software, and also urge our clients to use other authentic technologies to confirm that their papers are 100% original. Once you can prove with a report as evidence that the work is plagiarized, the company will refund you the amount you had paid.

Payment Methods: DissertationCenter.com assures all its clients of safe transaction methods when dealing with us. We do not permit the use of stolen credit cards and treat it as a serious crime. We work closely with authorities in the fight against cyber crime and will take stern action against any fraudulent orders clients make on our website.

Note: DissertationCenter.com reserves the authority to change the details in the terms of service at any time. We, therefore, suggest that our clients read and understand the section before placing an order with us.