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The Abstract. It comes after the title page. It describes the study briefly. The expert has to indicate its aims, the methods of study and the findings.

The Introduction. The DissertationCenter.com writer briefly describes your research focus and how you will conduct the investigation.

The Review. The professional discusses the literature. It is all the similar studies and explanations that relate to your topic. He puts your research in the context of other work. He has to draw aspects of what the inquiry intends to explore further. He also references all the materials he uses. It saves him time at later stages.

The Methodology. At DissertationCenter.com, we apply different approaches to collect data or explore the subject. However, if the student prefers a particular method, we employ it. He includes the ethics protocol and explains how it worked out in practice. He must also come up with the limitations of the style he utilized.

Results. He refers to the information he gathered to narrate his findings. He ensures that the part is interesting by using figures from the analysis. The content has to be in details.

The Discussion. At DissertationCenter.com, we match every result with theory. We also go back to the hypotheses to confirm the earlier expectations. We classify the study output as either different, new, contradictory or anomalous. Finally, we offer an explanation.

The Conclusion. As the final section of your dissertation, it has to show all that you have achieved from the research and the implications. The professional evaluates the probe critically to determine the strengths and the weaknesses. He gives a hint on the avenues for future studies.

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