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At, we believe that the first thing a student should do is complete a thorough review of the literature. It has to be relevant to your thesis question and the field of study. It involves all the steps of identifying, organizing existing information, and reviewing all previous studies in your area and other resources. So before we embark on the Proposal, we first read.

The US dissertation proposal. The writer conducts a study on the question before coming up with the draft. For the paper to hold water, it must contain a strong argument, which will impress the committee. Therefore, he ascertains that it is convincing by clearly depicting why further analysis is vital. Finally, he will format the work as per your request.

The Literature Review. At, we perform an investigation the US dissertation’s topic. We identify, retrieve and reproduce copies for you. The sources include books, journal articles, online databases, and any other appropriate data. Secondly, we include both the theoretical framework and empirical studies on the document. Finally, we edit, rewrite, and re-conceptualize the section.

The Methodology. The professional drafts the part basing on the actual procedure. First, he decides to collect statistics by applying the best method. It could be a questionnaire, sampling or any other. Secondly, he inquires on the availability of appropriate instruments for the task. He can also proofread, rewrite, or revise the work you submit to our company.

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  • We single out, recover, and duplicate references.
  • We search for books.
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  • We can edit either full or partial manuscripts
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