THESIS FORMATTING.Whether you need assistance in applying the final tweaks to your paper, or require a particular format for the work, has the experts to conduct the procedure for you. It will enable you focus more on the content for the best grade. By the time we are done with your thesis it will be in the correct format and ready for submission.

We offer the following formatting services:

  • We create the template, which includes the margins, line spacing, title pages, page numbering, headers and much more.
  • We generate the table of contents and lists of figures and tables.
  • Text formatting by styling the headings, correcting the cases, indentation and pagination.
  • We align graphs and charts.
  • Referencing by including footnotes and the full reference list in Endnote.

Citation Style. The editor formats all the citations like parenthetical. He also isolates and labels the missing information in the thesis like the dates and the place of publication. The above means that he has to proofread with is a bonus point.

The Layout. The service certifies that the student has complied with the university’s guidelines and requirements. It covers the following elements:

  • Preliminary Pages. Most candidates overlook the institutions’ standards. The┬áthesis specialist corrects these Cardinal entries by paginating the tables of contents properly, and rectifying the spacing issues. He alters any other detail that affects the outlook.
  • Pagination. It is how the writer places the page numbers, and it varies from school to school. A client may find the process tough especially if the article is long. The person we assign your thesis is a word processing wizard and can quickly, correctly, and effortlessly order them as you desire.
  • Figures and Tables. The two present the thesis data in a comprehensive manner. Sound findings and presentation do not guarantee approval from the committee. Our team assesses and rectifies the above.
  • The Headings and Subheadings. We check for consistency by going through the thesis. We repair all the errors we encounter along the way.

Flexibility. At, our editorial team is well trained and experienced. They combine their task with editing and proofreading. They ascertain that the student will not lose points because of errors in the thesis. By employing the MLA or APA formatting approaches, they warrant that the paper conforms to all the instructions. If you select any other like the Harvard or Chicago style, we will exploit it.

Professional Consultation. Aside from the above tasks, we assist the student with troubleshooting any formatting problems he experiences in his thesis. To the novice in the writing world, it comes as a relief because they get to confide in someone how has been in the business for many years. To maintain ethics and integrity, we uphold privacy in our dealings.

Reliability. At, we understand that time is valuable in the academic field. We certify that we meet the deadlines. We operate 24/7, to deliver. We maintain constant communication with you during the entire period. We revise the thesis until you are satisfied.

Select thesis formatting services because:

  • We are results-oriented.
  • We respond quickly.
  • We are passionate editors.