Do you offer any free services?

Yes. The title page, bibliography, and reference, and document formatting.

My instructor has given us an assignment on a book review, can the nursing writing center help?

We have a book review team comprising writers who hold degrees from different fields. The assigned writer does the exercise excellently and meets all the client’s requirements.

Where do you get materials for your articles?

We conduct a thorough search on the internet, and also refer to books. We get the content from our wide variety of resource materials.

I have just finished my undergraduate studies, what do I require to get an RN license?

You need to pass all your examinations, meet the set requirements for a licensure exam, and pass the exam. We offer assistance on RN licensing revision.

Do you deliver RN based orders?

Yes. The company bases the services on the type of study. The levels include; Diploma, Associate degrees, and Bachelor’s degrees. Upon completion of whichever program, we help prepare the client for the National Council Licensure Examination(NCLEX).

What are the specialization areas of your writers?

We  have professionals in:

l  Adult Nursing.

l  Child Nursing.

l  Mental Health Nursing.

l  Learning Disabilities Nursing.

How do you send orders back to the clients?

Upon completion, the writer sends a JPG format of the work. If the purchaser is satisfied, the work is then sent as a word doc via email.

What is West Nile virus, and can you help me with an overview?

West Nile virus is a zoonotic arbovirus caused by mosquitoes. The illness has an maturation period of between 2-15 days, and is fatal. Scientists have not discovered any treatment so far.

What is a DHA exam, and do you offer samples?

The Dubai Health Authority gives the DHA exam, it the country’s equivalence to NCLEX. We provide sample tests together with their answers. We do not guarantee that the same questions will be in your exam, but the trials help in the preparation.

Do you prepare resumes?

NO. We only write work that involve research and presentation.

For my term paper, I am to discuss physiotherapy and physical therapy. Are these two not related?

Physiotherapy is the restoration of the body to its normal form, following; pain, injury, or disability. The knowledge used is from scientific and clinical background.

Physical Therapy, on the other hand, is the manual treatment of the tendons, ligaments, muscles, and the fascia, these are also known as the soft tissues. Your document will discuss the two in detail.

Can you help me with notes on Acupuncture?

Yes, the work will be sent to you. In summary; Acupuncture is an alternative medicine borrowed from the Chinese traditional medicine, which involves sticking needles at the body’s acupuncture points.

Is your service strictly for nurses?

Not really, nurses and nursing students are our major clients. But, we also get others customers who possess an interest in the field.

I am currently writing my Nursing Application Essay, can you list some useful tips?

We will send samples of application essays, the crucial details when applying are;

l  Research on the course and the institution.

l  Write your application early enough.

l  Ensure that you have met the requirements.

l  Organize the essay well.

What are the categories of Nursing Diagnosis?

 The writer will discuss the following four types of diagnosis:

l  Actual Diagnosis- this looks at an individual, family or community, about the human experience, and response to life processes.

l  Risk Diagnosis- explains the responses to conditions and processes, that may occur due to vulnerability.

l  Health promotion diagnosis- it is the judgment from a clinical perspective, about the motivation or desire to improve well-being.

l  Syndrome diagnosis- describes diagnoses of a definite nursing cluster, which occur together.

What process is should I follow when discussing the Nursing Diagnosis?

The article sent shows a 7 step process. Namely:

l  Running a nursing assessment.

l  Grouping the data in clusters, and interpretation of the data.

l  Generating hypotheses.

l  Prioritization, and validation of diagnoses.

l  Planning of the appropriate outcomes, and interventions.

l  Implementing the plan of care.

l  Evaluating the outcomes of the entire process.

 My assignment involves an analysis of patient advocacy, what is the plan of such a paper?

 The writer will discuss the title definition, the second step will be to look the place and time of the origin. Also included is a further elaboration of; Support, education, clinical liaison, and public policy. Finally government support of the advocacy.

I am in urgent need of an essay on Ethics of Nursing, how soon can it get delivered?

If you order and pay for it now, delivery will be within the next 48 hours. We guarantee a full essay, which discusses the whole topic.

My instructor advised that we use a particular source of information that I lack, could the center have it?

We boast of unlimited resources online and else, we rarely lack sources. However, if we miss your particular requirement, communication will be done immediately to save you further delay.

Can I be able to find out whether the center has seen my order?

If you wish to inquire about the status of your work, go online and submit a comment. You can also live chat with our customer-care team, on the progress of the document. If a delay is experienced, know that the team is trying to answer as many questions as possible, bear with them.

Do you charge more on some topics and less on others?

No. The company bases the charges on; the level of education, type of order, the urgency or deadline, and the number of pages. Visit our site and click on pricing, to find out more about our rates.