I have just started my Masters program, is a dissertation a requirement for graduation?

In most countries, a dissertation is a required for Doctorate or Ph. D. studies. The prerequisite document in your case is the Thesis.

What is the ideal structure of the dissertation?

We prepare the documents as directed by the customer’s learning institution. The customization is necessary because of the slight variation from one university to the other. However the basics are:

l  Title Page.

l  Contents Page.

l  List of figures.

l  List of Tables.

l  Abstract.

l  Acknowledgement.

l  Introduction.

l  Literature Review.

l  Methodology.

l  Results and Discussion.

l  Conclusion.

l  Recommendations.

l  Bibliography and References.

l  Appendices.

What should I include in the Preliminaries page?

 After a discussion with the supervisor/s, the writer includes the specifications of the institution. These may/not include:

l  Title page.

l  Abstract of Summary.

l  Acknowledgement.

l  Author’s Declaration.

l  Contents.

l  Lists of Figures.

l  List of Tables.

l  List of Accompanying materials.

l  Definitions.

What are the types of dissertations, you write?

 We assist on two types of documents:

l  Research based- where the client hopes to carry out an original study.

l  Review/ Audit Dissertation- a detailed literature assessment, together with a reflective application. The student asks to expand a new idea, policy, or procedure.

What should I discuss on the Literature Review page?

After the identification of the area of study, it is a requirement that the candidate should conduct an analysis of the existing materials that relate to the chosen subject. We assist with the background information and help justify the choice of subject.

What is the structure of the Literature Review?

A candidate can choose an approach from a wide variety. Our writing center, however, organizes the section following one or a combination of these formats:

l  Centered around the cardinal themes or debates.

l  From known to unknown.

l  Generic knowledge- understanding of a specific content and applying theory to it.

l  Methodological approach.

l  The chronological approach.

Dissertation writing requires a lot of reading and research, do you have the necessary resources?

At the company, we possess high-quality resources, books, peer-reviewed journals, secure online databases, and many more sources of information.

Which writing style do your writers use?

The team of writers is skilled to write in the academic style; that uses formal language, precise and accurate and employs medical jargon. The writer writes the dissertations in 3rd person.

Can I get help on the Methodology and Material section?

Yes. The part is the heart of the document, and it poses a challenge to many candidates. The area looks at the method used to conduct the research. Whether the client chooses a clinical trial approach or the social research study, or the pure scientific experiment. The assigned writer is at your disposal until the submission day.

What is included in the Methodology page/s?

Our documents include the following:

l  The Setting.

l  Sample/s.

l  The inclusion and exclusion criteria.

l  The Measurement tools.

l  The Independent Variable.

l  The Dependent Variable.

Is a medical dissertation similar to any other?

The medical document is more or less similar to others. The in-depth research a candidate in med-school does is also the same. However, the structure to follow varies, some schools have their additions to the dissertation format. Therefore, our client needs to maintain a steady communication with the writer and the supervisor to ascertain that we deliver the right paper.

Who handles my dissertation?

The document is a collaborative effort of various stakeholders namely:

l  The candidate- you give us the mandate to work on your paper.

l  The Supervisor- assigned to you by the learning institution, and handles all your questions in school.

l  The Medical writer- uses skills to certify that you get your dissertation on time.

l  Company Mentor- assist the writer, and the client get the paramount resources for the research.

What other services do you offer, apart from writing?

Our Medical Dissertation Writing Services include; writing as the name suggests, assistance in getting the relevant resources, revision of the dissertation papers, defense preparation, and proof-reading and editing.

Do you offer any free service?

Yes. We provide all the research articles used on your dissertation paper freely. If the documents are lacking in our company, the mentor forwards the link to you, the same applies to all paid articles.

How do you offer support to your clients?

 We show support via; delivery of quality dissertations, unlimited revisions on the paper, and constant communication during the writing process and after.

 We also reserve a copy of the original dissertation in case your copy gets lost.

How useful is a well-written research paper?

Our center guarantees that aside from getting the necessary grade, the medical document proves that the scholar is scientifically able to conduct practical projects.

The dissertation also proves that there is more to the paper than a case study and literature review.

What does my supervisor mean when he insists that I signpost clearly, can you do it?

In academic writing, to signpost means to indicate the course taken through the document or assignment. It is the content given on the topics the dissertation covers, in the sequence in which they come, and the point of view of the discussion.

Our writers signpost in two main ways:

l  Using linking words and phrases.

l  Through the use of major signposts.

How do I find a topic and proposal for my dissertation?

A candidate looks at:

l  The significant academic topics.

l  The available time.

l  The research’s suitability for a narrow focus.

l  The personal point of view on the chosen topic.

l  The balance and objective approach to the research.

Our company offers support on any topic and proposal chosen by the client.

What skills learned in my course are used in the dissertation paper?

The writer makes use of the following skills:

l  Critical thinking.

l  Critical reading.

l  Critical writing.

l  Planning and layout.

l  Argument development.