Winning Dissertation Topics in Marketing

Marketing is an action by a business to promote and sell products or services. It includes market research and advertizing. The study of marketing teaches students a holistic understanding of marketing principles like branding, communications, consumer research, and branding.  The purpose of a marketing dissertation is to contribute new knowledge to existing literature. Focus on theories and practices that apply to real-world problems.

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A List of Great Sample Dissertation Topics in Marketing 

A good marketing dissertation is that with a clear and concise research goal answering a relevant research question. Let your topic be on something that builds on current debates and issues. Focus on a narrow topic because it adds to the literature in a manageable way considering the time constraints when writing such a long paper.  Base your topic on building on the established theories in your area of study. Be more than broad to achieve clarity in your discussion. 

Some of the marketing areas that can make your topic include direct, international, online, and mobile marketing. You can also write about consumer psychology, social networks, or marketing ethics. 

You will have an attachment to your paper but make an effort to be objective. Analyze the topic from the perspective of an outsider to avoid hanging onto a weak idea. Below is a list of great sample dissertation topics in marketing that you can study and determine the one that suits you most. 

  • Effect of brand image on product availability  
  • What is the border line for aggressive marketing? 
  • Is it necessary to regulate the advertizing and marketing of processed foods? 
  • Importance of different promotions for various products 
  • An insight into marketing implementation by software giants 

Free M Marketing Dissertation Sample 

A dissertation is essential in contributing to a significant part of grade when you are pursuing a PhD program.  You serve the purpose more by writing on a topic that other researchers have barely explored.  The conclusion you will make will add something new to the field and impress the dissertation committee.  You will achieve your idea to generate something new by reading a free m marketing dissertation sample after another. Familiarization with defended dissertations will save you much time and energy to research from multiple sources.  You will know the areas that other people have been studying for you to start focusing your efforts on topics that they have not adequately proven. 

You will quickly get an idea of the issues to write an appropriate structure by reading past dissertations.  You will even be faster if you read the most crucial parts of a dissertation sample. Skip the introduction unless you need to pick sources to jump to the introduction of previous work to put it into context about the broad area of your study. Read the recommendations for future research carefully as this is the place to get ideas on areas that other researchers have not been focusing on. You will be unique if you decide to study these areas. 

Below are some of the topic suggestions for M marketing dissertation. 

  • How to optimize brand image conveyance in the mobile marketing environment 
  • The ways to use mobile marketing as a viral marketing tool 
  • Strategies for marketing managers to increase the acceptance of mobile marketing 
  • Is it ethical to send sponsored advertizing on social media before seeking consent? 
  • How should companies transform social media presence to sales? 

Choosing Successful Dissertation Topics in Marketing 

You are most likely going to find it s difficult to choose a good topic at once. Start by having 2-3 potential topics that you can research on quickly. The best topics are those that have adequate academic information that does not contradict the points you plan to use in your work. Start early for you to have adequate time research on the potential topics and narrow down to the most suitable. A strong idea when choosing successful dissertation topics in marketing will identify a research gap. It is this gap that you will try to fill with your research on the topic. Look at the areas that previous research has identified, read journals and current studies at your university to determine the areas that require more information. Your topic should fill a genuine research gap without letting your preferred context to limit you. 

Match your topic with future career goals as it will motivate your research and writing. Then the information you gather will also help you in your future practice. The collection of marketing dissertation topics below will help you in formulating ideas on the subject to write in your paper. 

  • Influence of branding on consumer purchase behaviors 
  • A study on the success of advertisements through cell phone networks 
  • Is word of mouth still a persuasive technique in marketing? 
  • Use of direct marketing as a strategy to build a customer relationship 
  • Effects of social media marketing on outpacing the competition 

How to Write a Marketing Dissertation Paper 

Your knowledge and understanding of marketing concepts reflect in the way you write a dissertation. Use your paper as the opportunity to demonstrate your analytical and organizational skills through the comprehensive exploration of particular marketing problems or issues. You earn a top grade by evaluating and analyzing a marketing concept at length. You may even assess a marketing concept from a micro or macroeconomic perspective if it is vast.  Discuss a subject that you thoroughly understand in your dissertation and standard format to write. There might be variations according to an academic institution, but here is the standard way of how to write marketing dissertation paper. 

Abstract: A summary of the dissertation showing the purpose of research, method, results/findings, and conclusion plus their implications. The purpose is t persuade readers to read the paper. 

Introduction: introduces the subject of your marketing dissertation to readers, elaborates on the objective of the research, justifies subject selection, and elaborates your specific research question. 

Literature review:  A section that reviews the topic that scholars and researchers have published so far about the topic. The purpose is to acquaint readers with the knowledge you have established about the topic through research, its strength, and weaknesses.  

Research methodology:  A definition of the methods you used for qualitative and quantitative research on the topic to collect data and research strategy such as to cause study or survey. 

Ethical issues: A part of the dissertation identifying ethical and confidentiality issues you encountered in the process of researching. Refer to the method of conducting surveys, the purpose of study, and manner of disclosing the purpose to respondents for them to know the way you will use their data.

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Research findings and implications:  A section that presents an analysis and evaluation of your research findings. Follow it up by explaining their importance of research and implications. The part makes up almost a third of the overall length. 

Conclusion:   A summary of your research and relevant recommendations. The conclusion should show the delivery of your goals. 

Bibliography:    A component listing the references that you use directly in your research in the citation style that your university recommends. 

Appendices: include tables, graphs, figures, and statistical results, among other findings that you cannot count in words. 

Why you Need Help Writing Your Marketing Dissertation Paper 

You will get satisfaction by writing a marketing dissertation paper that earns you the best grade and provides valuable information to your academic specialty. However, it is not that simple. You have to research from various, compile data, format appropriately, and complete it with a particular period.  Your dissertation advisor, colleagues, librarians, and tutors are among the people who can help you with some aspects of writing your marketing your paper.  

You will also benefit from assistance by people who agree to provide data during your research.  These people will help to a certain extent but will not do everything. Professional writing help is a wise choice if your project becomes too overwhelming. It will save you from lateness, wrong formatting, argumentation, and low grade.  This is why you need help writing your marketing dissertation paper. 

Experience:  Professional writers understand the best format to write your research project and presenting information to meet the expectations of your supervisors and committee.  You might have command of the subject, but you will not score much when you are unable to articulate your ideas. 

Correct citation: You must follow the style that your university recommends. The style must also be consistent throughout the paper. A skilled writer has a mastery of all the referencing styles and will organize your paper according to writing guidelines. 

Avoiding plagiarism: Expert writers know how to attribute sources and rewrite most of the material from research sources in different words. They also have access to the most efficient plagiarism detecting software .the plagiarism checkers and writing style help you to eliminate the chance of plagiarism on your work. 

Deal with resource-based challenges:  A study of many resources s part of the dissertation writing process. You might not have access to many of the core and latest sources. Professional writing agencies can access many veritable resource banks because they subscribe. The information they use has much credibility in supporting arguments than the data you can collect without assistance. 

Punctuality: the professional writers will complete your paper faster because they have the experience to research and write at a higher pace. They know the best sources and will not spend much time hunting for materials. They also allocate much of their time to write, unlike a student who still attends to other matters during a dissertation project. 

Dissertation topics in marketing enable you to get adequate information for sources, impress your committee with your defense, and contribute knowledge in your field.  Take time to find the most suitable that will generate current information regarding your specialty.

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