Media Dissertation Topics

Media studies are the study of practical applications in print journalism, radio, and television journalism. It also covers film, advertizing and public relations. A career pathway for media course graduates is to work on television, radio, film, and various types of journalism. Others work at public relations, publishing firms, local governments, marketing, and teaching. You can only get here if you write a media dissertation that supports your candidature for a doctorate. There are different types of dissertations under media.

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Television Dissertation Topics 

It might seem obvious to find a good dissertation topic on television since it is a broad field.   However, the subject you study plays many roles in determining the subject you are studying.   Start by checking if your course has specific requirements or conditions that restrict topics or research methods.  

If you are wondering about the right topic, consider the reason you applied for a television course. The issue will help people to think of television dissertation topics and finally decide on one after further exploration.  

Dissertation ideas are not just about the things you learn in class. Numerous life experiences can become inspiration. For instance, if you interact with political leaders when studying television, you may want to write about television and politics. You can write on the trends you have noticed in connection with the two or fill gaps in the existing literature. Below are some of the television dissertation topics. 

  • How perception of the people in the last decade changed television programming 
  • Television as an active medium for introducing a revolution in autocratic states  
  • Role of femininity in modern television

Social Media Dissertation Ideas 

Social media has become extremely popular. It is new than other forms of media but attracts much buzz and discussion. You will not lack general information that jolts your mind to a possible topic. The broad ideas might not fit your area of research wholesome. Perform a background search to determine the way of breaking down your broad ideas into a smaller, manageable task.  

You will develop a topic that is more effective when you read more background information. Brainstorm the concepts around social media dissertation ideas that interest you. Brainstorm all thoughts that you may think to relate to the topic and write them.  

Do not choose a vague top cot too broad. Aim for a topic that has abundant literature, but not many people have been researching it. You can, for instance, try these ideas that have much data. 

  • How has social media improved democratic process by reducing censorship? 
  • Technological advancements that will keep transforming social media in the coming days   
  • Should we consider hacking a way of terrorism 

Dissertation Topics for Mass Communication and Journalism

The topic that you choose from a list that you can find on online or offline sources should be that with much data. Think of something that makes you curious to learn more about mass communication and journalism. Assess digital and physical sources as they are both good for dissertation research. 

Physical material like books, magazines, and newspapers has reliable information. Newer sources of information such as radio, TV, the internet, and other digital sources provide quick results with short wait times. You can gather much information from these sources in lesser time than it will take to read multiple paged documents.   

Evaluate the credibility of the information you find on possible dissertation topics for mass communication and journalism for your paper. Some online sources are not as credible as published material. Reliable references for a dissertation should have accurate and current information. 

  • Role of censorship in preventing inappropriate content  
  • Does mass communication and journalism   mellow down religion beliefs  
  • Does mass communication and journalism still help in advancing an agenda

Radio Dissertation Topics 

Researching deep into your chosen area of radio studies is critical in selecting the most suitable topic. Listening to different radio programs and stations is a prime source of ideas that you may want to transform into a dissertation topic.  You may, from experience, have a list of radio dissertation topics but undecided on the best to write.  

You can narrow down to one that will impress your committee by focusing on areas that have got less attention from researchers or need more study.  You can bring the issue to the limelight with your research. Online sources contain many suggestions of free topic suggestions and ideas. Note those that relate much to your interests and area of study.

Examples of radio dissertation topics  

  • Social media role in change radio from a blind media  
  • Has radio lost its place as the medium for disseminating urgent news 
  • A study on the believability of radio compared to audiovisual media

Research Topics in Media and Communication

There might be many topics to research on in media and communication but choose one that is hugely relevant to your course. Start looking out for topics that might interest you early in your course. Do not let anxiety affect you because you are writing a dissertation for the first time.  Everyone else with a PhD faced the same situation.   

You will determine the best topic for you early by studying materials in your research area. You can find research topics in media and communication on websites, databases, and other online sources. Many more can crop in your media by following the way different media communicates. 

Choose one that gets your interest to probe it further and immediately start to determine if there are enough research sources with evidence for supporting your points. Do not ignore the aspect of getting views from other persons.  Your friends, colleague, and tutors can give you essential views on your topic. 

You can use the few past research topics in media and communication here as a guideline. 

  • Western media are biased against developed countries. Is it true? 
  • The role of media in revealing trouble makers during conflicts 
  • Impact of media in communicating development agenda  
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Social Media Research Topic Ideas 

Social media might have much more information than any other medium, but you can write on everything about it in a dissertation.  Start to think about social media research topic ideas months before the time to start your project. Your mind will get into the mode of planning and organizing the moment you start thinking about possible topics.  

You will have many ideas within weeks. Brainstorm the concepts because it helps to modify or narrow down the topic. Write down thoughts crossing your mind in bulleted or list form. Peruse the list at the end of writing to determine consistency patterns. It will be wise to pursue something that stands out that others as your social media research topic. 

You should also have it in mind that you might need to amend the topic as you move along.  Try these ideas on social media critique. 

  • Is social media a revolution that will take print media to extinction?  
  • An examination of social media role in advancing Arab uprising  
  • Everyone on social media can play the role of a journalist  

 Research Topics for Journalism Students 

Research topics for journalism are many, but not all suit a school research program.   Write a list of topics that you find interesting before narrowing them down to simplify managing them.  Investigate the topics you like most. The fists thing to look at is whether the topic has enough relevant literature.  

Another aspect to look at is an exploration of the extent of research on similar topics.   These research topics for journalism students allow more straightforward presentation of arguments.

  • Will all news media die without advertizing revenue?  
  • Local and international media stories: Which one do you trust?  
  • The moral line between investigative journalism and violation of privacy  

Expand on them to create a conclusive thesis.  Another aspect of giving importance when narrowing down choices is to get a grasp about the research question and type of research that you need to conduct. Narrow down to a topic that adds value to your area of study and has credible sources to back up your arguments.  

Read the past work and current work by the media dissertation committee to know what they prefer so that you can organize your paper to reflect their desires.  You will present your ideas and make a conclusion that will impress them.  


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