Management Dissertation Topics

Management is the process of handling different aspects of an organization to run efficiently and achieve goals.
A topic is critical in management dissertation because it gives the paper some relevance and makes it fit the current trends. Find a topic that helps you to define specific and achievable research that helps to achieve an objective through writing.

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Business Management Dissertation Topics 2020 

Start by choosing a good topic that is relevant and touches on most current management issues. A nice topic also helps you to write faster and complete your paper within the required writing period. Define the research aims and objectives. They help you in narrowing down to the right topic in answering the research questions. Consider the structure that your supervisor recommends when deciding on the possible topics. Read widely from scholarly material, databases, and websites together with pas dissertations.  They are a good source of different business management dissertation topics 2020 

You might wonder how I will select an appropriate topic from the many that I come across. Select a topic based on your research interest. The topic must also have some popularity among the scholars in your field.  Note that you may like to research a particular subject but think of data availability, the significance of the research, its scope, and time limitations. Here are some of the topics that have met the above parameters. 

  • Examination of the relationship between management practices and productivity in large business organizations  
  • Analysis of factors that can help to narrow down the payment gaps among employees at different cadres 
  • How to strategize human resource management and improve organizational performance  

 Dissertation Topics in Human Resource Management 

Human resource management is the study of hiring, retaining, and maintaining employees. It is an extensive field, and you must read different materials to get an in-depth understanding of underlying concepts and factors. 

Focus your study on frameworks, concepts, and theories relating to modern practices in employee management as it has evolved in recent years.  

HRM is wide. Some dissertation topics in human resource management are under-explored. You can pick one of them but do not change. Determine the most relevant in modern time because you want to get the most marks for your final year project. Choose a topic with relevance to HRM   and also identifies some literature gaps that your committee would appreciate if you fill them.    

A relevant subject that draws interest by explaining something new allows writing of a brilliant paper. Remember to think about the areas of HRM that you like discussing before you consider what readers want. You will only have the motivation to write well and research from numerous sources when the topic makes you happy. Ask an expert and peers if your topic is current and relates to today’s HR practice.  Their views can help you to customize your topic to fit the project needs.  

  • The role of digital platforms in helping organizations to recruit efficient workers
  • Analysis of factors that impact decisions by employees and dedication to their duties  
  • Comparative analysis of motivational factors for employee working at public and private organizations

Dissertation Topics in Marketing 

Marketing is one name but with numerous meanings. It is an action the businesses take to promote and sell their products or services.  Research and advertizing are also under marketing. You can write on any one of these aspects in your dissertation.   Settle for a topic that has proven to be relevant to existing literature in your field when considering some possible dissertation topics for your project.   

Some students feel that they have to write on something new to stand out from other works on marketing. It might not be a wise idea unless you are extremely familiar with the subject. A topic that nobody has written about might not have enough relevant sources for building the task. You can get approval by your professor but determine that there is not enough information after embarking on writing. 

Limited data mean that you spend too much time finding a research source and complementing it with secondary sources such as interviews.  In the process, you will run behind schedule. Take time to read the most credible academic literature in the field, even when the sources are many. You will notice knowledge gaps that help you to decide as the information that you want to use and fill them are potential dissertation topics in marketing. 

Ask your professors and other experts for suggestions on research topics.  Some of the marketing topics you can consider are: 


  • Branding: How does it improve consumer loyalty?  
  • Increasing sales by combining online and offline techniques
  • Is word of mouth still significant in increasing sales by a business?

Strategic Management Dissertation Topics 

Strategic management is a process to integrate all functions and activities in any organization into something wholesome and coherent. It involves planning, organizing, controlling, and leading people. It can be fun to write a strategic management dissertation if you have a grasp of what you are going to write.  The first step of a dissertation writing process is choosing a subject. A fortunate thing about majoring in strategic management is that there are broad options to pick.  Ponder more on matters that seem engrossing. However, pick a subject falling in your field of concentration and may lead to new results. 

The best strategic management dissertation topics are solid but should not only be about something that everyone likes. Your people will engage the dissertation committee more if it attempts to answer a research question that others have not discussed. Nonetheless, you do not have to pick a complicated topic. Pick something plain that will not make it hard for you to explain the concepts. Narrow your search to a topic with much relevant information from different sources. 

You can develop an idea on a topic you can pursue from a few examples.  

  • The connection between investment decisions and overall corporate strategy 
  • New opportunities and threats emanating from technology in business: A technology forecast  
  • Evaluation of intervention processes to manage a crisis in business  
  • What factors affect the transition of a business?  
  • Strategy implementation in multinational business with a large workforce
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Business Ethics Dissertation Topics 

Business ethics is the field of study that deals with moral concepts in business. The range of business ethics is expanding by the day as people have become more conscious about the connection between their environment and business. Possible topics might be many, but make sure that you focus attention on a particular issue that will offer profound research to the readers. You should also think about the requirements of your faculty. The professors provide hints on what they expect for Business Ethics Dissertation Topics. 

Finding a topic that adheres to instructions also helps you to find a good structure. In the absence of exact instructions, make sure that the topic will gather information fitting to parts of your paper such as introduction, literature review, methodology, results, and conclusion. 

A topic should not be too broad so that you can stick to the issue you choose to research without taking too much time. These topics are good models for you to build upon them and define one that fits your project.

  • Acts that constitute corporate crimes  
  • Essential ethical codes in companies  
  • How to harmonize cultural, religious, nationality and religious differences at workplace 
  • Does surveillance intrude into employee privacy? 
  • The role of companies in eliminating child labor from raw material suppliers in different countries  

Writing a management dissertation should not begin with a rush. Choose your topic carefully as it can make or break your potential to achieve a passing grade.  Collect much statistical data that you deduce to an unbiased and logical topic.

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