Dissertation Topics in Law

A law school teaches students the system of rules that a community or country recognizes to regulate the actions of members that it can enforce by imposing penalties.
Writing a law dissertation requires a student to develop an argument and demonstrate a relationship between ideas expressed in the paper. Start by researching widely to determine a topic that helps to achieve the purpose of writing a law essay and show your ability to make solid arguments. Below are the main dissertation topics in law, depending on your specialty.

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Constitutional Law Dissertation Topics 

Constitutional law defines the structure, role and powers of various entities in the state.  You can write an impressive dissertation when focusing on constitutional matters.  Find the trending topics on executive, legislature and judiciary as they are different entities in a state. You can also write the fundamental rights of a citizen or function or state in federal republics.   Find a topic that will leave a strong impression on the minds of the readers to show your prowess in making a legal analysis. Some of the constitutional law dissertation topics that draw interest among many people include. 

  • Should constitutional amendments only happen after a majority vote by all citizens?  
  • Is censorship enough breach to interfere with constitutional rights? 
  • When does surveillance equipment become an infringement of privacy?  
  • The role of citizens in safeguarding their liberties  
  • An examination of land control laws and violations of constitutional rights 

Intellectual Property Law Dissertation Topic Examples 

Intellectual property law covers creation, protection and use of trademark, copyright, patents together with any other ancillary rights. There are many potential topics that you can write concerning intellectual property in your dissertation. These are some of intellectual property law dissertation topics that you can build on in your paper. 

  • Role and impact of intellectual property rights on the economy  
  • Do trademark laws provide adequate protection?  
  • Can intellectual property law offer efficient protection to indigenous people? 
  • Are penalties of plagiarism stiff enough to deter potential offenders?  
  • Best ways for virtues businesses to use copyright laws in protecting their logos, products, websites and designs 

Public Law Dissertation Topic Examples 

Public law governs the conduct of public bodies for them to act in a lawful, rational, compatible and fair manner. The list below comprises some of public law dissertation topic examples you can try on your paper. 

  • Do automated online forms play a similar role to lawyers? 
  • Do tax breaks have a legal basis? 
  • A review on poor treatment of the poor by the police  
  • Importance of frequent review of state laws to harmonize with modern society  
  • Does public law side step citizens to favor the government 

Medical Law Dissertation Topic Examples 

Medical law is a branch governing responsibilities and prerogatives of medical rights together with the rights of patients. It also considers ethical matters. Some of the medical law dissertation topic examples include: 

  • Does IVF treatment have any ethical justification? 
  • Should a doctor deny medical treatment to a patient due to lifestyle choices?  
  • An analysis on the way the fear of lawsuit discourages medics from performing some risky but potentially life-saving medical procedures 
  • Medical treatment for smokers: Should they pay more? 
  • The impact of lengthy legal cases after serious injury or death on claimants 

 Contract and Comparative Law Dissertation Topics 

Contract law governs the legality of agreements by parties that intend to exchange something. Contracts are legally enforceable even when parties make them verbally. Comparative law is a study of similarities and differences between legal systems in different countries.   You can expand on these examples of your contract and comparative law dissertation topics you can expand for your project. 

  • Influence of European Union statutes on international trade
  • Has French contract law eroded on English contract law? 
  • A comparison and contrast of European and American contract law 
  • Jurisdictional differences in contract law enforcement  
  • Judicial flexibility in the interpretation of contract law from another country  

 Commercial Law Dissertation Topic Examples 

Commercial law regulates the conduct of persons and businesses when engaging in trade and commerce. It is a broad law that interacts with other areas of law. Some of the commercial law dissertation topic examples for a graduate-level include: 

  • An assessment on the role of commercial law in sustaining public-private partnerships  
  • Does commercial law have regard for consumer protections? 
  • Pitfalls those businesses encounter when pursuing regular and commercial leases  
  • Is there a difference in enforcing laws on online and offline business transactions?  
  • Implications of international commercial law on the implementation of domestic business statutes  

International Law Dissertation Topics 

International is the system of agreements and treaties between nations to govern their interactions or business. The list below will provide you with an idea of international law dissertation topics. 

  • Challenges facing multinationals when implementing corporate social responsibility 
  • What is the biggest problem in enforcing international law? 
  • A change in the direction of international law: Will enforcement becomes difficult at the state level? 
  • The legal issue that affects cruise ship business when vessels transverse different countries  
  • Will international recognition of rape as a war crime alter war crises in regions under militia groups? 

Competition Law Dissertation Topic Examples

Competition law is legislation that ensures producers and consumers access a fair marketplace by preventing unethical practices and market distortion to gain an unfair advantage over others. 

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Read the competition law dissertation topic examples below to help to guide your choice. 

  • A   reference to American competition laws about equal trade opportunities  
  • A systematic review of competition law in the UK before and after Brexit  
  • Challenges in enforcing competition by countries relying largely on imports  
  • Can competition law be fair to everyone? 

Family Law Dissertation Topics 

Family law is a branch of law dealing with matters relating to family relationships like marriage, divorce, child custody and adoption, among others. 

Find some family law dissertation topics below to enhance your creativity. 

Divorce law can favor on gender. An evaluation of whether favoritism is real or perception in divorce cases 

  • Ways and challenges to prove a long-lasting marriage was without consent 
  • An investigation on the reasons that make some states to have more child abuse and protection cases  
  • The legal boundary between punishing and abusing kids  
  • Can law recognize a lack of resources as a reason for child neglect? 
  • Fairness in limiting the legal right of convicted children  

 Tort Law Dissertation Topics 

Tort law is a legal area governing a wrongful act that can be accidental or intentional but causes an injury to another. Tort includes negligence cases.  You can use these tort law dissertation topics as a foundation for your ideas. 

  • Is there a distinction between aggravated and basic damages for false imprisonment?  
  • Occupier liability: When an unauthorized entry is not trespassing  
  • Do adults have a duty of care to children? 
  • A critical discussion on a need to reform laws on nuisance  
  • Can anyone sue for damages due to a limitation of freedom in public interest?  

Company Law Dissertation Topic Examples 

Company law is legislation that administers the formation, registration and incorporation of a firm. It also controls governance and dissolution.   Company law dissertation topic examples create ideas for hot scholarly topics. 

  • An assessment of insolvency law in promoting and preventing corporate dissolution  
  • The place of a shareholder in a company law  
  • A comparison between the board of directors in the US and the UK  
  • Challenges of implementing company law in developing countries  
  • Role of company law in promoting better corporate governance  

Criminal Law Dissertation Topics 

Criminal law defines criminal offences, actions against offenders, the process of trial and penalties for those that a court or jury finds guilty.  The focus of criminal law is mostly on offence against the public, although the victim can be an individual.  A criminal law dissertation should be more about the damage that a criminal inflicts to the public or state that it is when writing about tort. These criminal law dissertation topics   will help you narrow down to an area of research. 

  • The rights of criminals after sentencing  
  • Reasons for a need to amend criminal laws frequently  
  • Is criminal law a deterrent on its own?  
  • Criminal law is as good as investigation: A discussion on the importance of evidence  
  • Should countries with high crime rates make more criminal laws or deal with causes  

Civil Litigation Dissertation Topic Examples 

Civil litigation is a dispute between parties but is not within criminal sanctions. Civil litigation cases have a plaintiff seeking compensation for damages or payment of money from a defendant.   A civil litigation dissertation can be about dispute resolution by negotiation or through a court system.   You can find the list of civil litigation dissertation topic examples below to think of an issue you can explore in your paper. 

  • How crucial are logical reasoning and analytical abilities in civil litigation 
  • Should landlord /tenant disputes end at out of court dispute resolution?  
  • What is the favorable option between dispute resolution and trial? 
  • The role of an attorney in civil litigation  

Human Rights Law Dissertation Topic Examples Human rights law is a principle promoting a particular standard of freedoms that each person should enjoy. These laws prohibit practices that demean a person such as slavery, torture, arbitrary detention or execution without a fair trial.  

You can write much about human rights, including the right to life, own property, associate and movement, among others. Here are some of human rights law dissertation topic examples that you can turn to your research subject when writing the final project. 

  • Can legislation eliminate all cases of gender inequality? 
  • Do countries adopt the UN declaration of human rights in its entirety when making laws? 
  • Do Scandinavian countries grant the same social security rights with western states? 
  • Lessons that custodian of law learn from past human rights abuses  
  • Should terrorists enjoy human rights?

Land, Housing & Equity Law Dissertation Topics 

Land, housing and law have three areas with a correlation, although you may want to break it down. Land law governs property while housing includes issues between landlords and tenants, such as breach of contract. Equity is an area of law dealing with justice and fairness. Special courts use it as the check and balance of common laws. 

The thesis of your dissertation should show the relationship between land, housing and equity. For instance, you may write about the application of the law when a landowner who subs let a block of flats wants tenants to vacate.  Demonstrate how the equity aspect of the law can protect tenants because they have not committed a wrong against the property manager.  You may use land, housing & equity law dissertation topics below as a reference before you narrow down or expand your idea. 

  • Discuss the legal challenges for undeveloped landowners who face a lawsuit by bungalow house owners prohibiting them from building skyscrapers  
  • Do asylum seekers have an equal right to decent housing as the citizens  
  • Analysis of affordable housing in cities:  Should tenants have more rights in rent decisions? 
  • Should courts regard the law of equity when determining housing disputes?  
  • Should local authority statutes governing housing be subject to land laws in the country or be left to equity? 

International Commercial and Business Law Dissertation Topics 

International commercial and business law is a body of rules, conventions and treaties that govern transactions or trade between countries. Domestic legislation can adopt some of them.  The law applies when parties are negotiating a trade deal so that it does it not contravene the international conventions.   Anything international takes a wide scope. 

Students should focus on a specific area on international business when choosing between international commercial and business law dissertation topics.  Here are some of the areas that you can expand on: 

  • The evolving role of national legislation   in harmonizing laws with commercial treaties  
  • Impact of agreements by regional and continental trade blocks on domestic business laws 
  • Which law should be superior? A country constitution or an international commercial and business law 
  • Is international commercial and business law the best way to regulate online transactions?  
  • The scope of international commercial and business law in setting taxation limits  

 International Law Dissertation Topic Examples 

International law is a body of many rules that nations establish and recognize in the treaty. The purpose is to bind their relations.   Think about a particular concept of international law when writing a dissertation as you cannot fit all statutes in one paper. Find a topic that motivates you to research and answer a particular question.  You can use these international law dissertation topic examples as a reference for expanding your ideas. 

  • International and national law: which type should prevail? 
  • Do mechanisms in international law contribute to the peaceful dispute resolution? 
  • Should copyright laws be a part of international law for application across countries?  

A law does not operate in isolation.   Incorporate the consequences of changing, repealing or implementing the law and when choosing a topic.     Choose dissertation topics in law that has a current impact on a significant population and has enough sources of evidence to support your claim. 

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