Anthropology Dissertation Topics

Anthropology is a study of the qualities that make us human and aspects that make human experience wholesome. It focuses on the way human groups lived during a hundred and even thousands of years in the past, together with their important things. Anthropology is not all about history. It contributes to solving real-world problems. An anthropology dissertation should, in the end, shows why we act in a particular way, the way character affects our aspects of life. It may also solve problems relating to the environment, health, and education.

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How to Write Anthropology Dissertation  

Writing a fruitful anthropology dissertation requires a precise understanding of the research question and the areas necessary to explore. In-depth research is essential to write a dissertation with a topic, arguments, and evidence that would impress a supervisor.  

Anthropology is a vast subject, but you must write on one when pursuing a doctorate.  Choose an interesting, relevant topic and focus the entire paper on supporting the theme and thesis statement. Create interest among the readers by choosing an unexplored area of study for a topic but let it relate to the mainstream of anthropology.  

Consider available information as you think how to write anthropology dissertation. Ensure that the research information available on the topic you select is enough for evidence to support claims.  The research work should be the most recent that is not in many other dissertations. Avoid a topic that is too complicated as getting approval or completing is difficult. 

Write your anthropology dissertation is a proper structure to organize thoughts well and improve readability. Create an outline after choosing the topic, researching, and determining the most impressive ideas to include in the paper. The following sequence creates a good structure. 

  • Title Page 
  • Acknowledgment 
  • Abstract 
  • Introduction 
  • Literature Review 
  • Methodology presentation
  • Data Analysis 
  • Conclusion/Recommendations 
  • References 

Anthropology Dissertation Ideas  

Anthropology is a broad field, so choose specific ideas to narrow down to a topic you can manage. Find an interesting subject that serves as a pedestal to start research work. Start by composing a bibliography and identify credible sources of research. These aspects will provide you a fair idea to choose a dissertation topic. 

Purpose of the thesis: Choose a topic that demonstrates an anthropological theory that caters to your objective. Your ideas should show your expertise in the subject by critical analysis. 

Basis of research work: Determine the appropriate research methods in consultation with your advisor. Develop a thesis for your dissertation from library sources, fieldwork research, and practical aspects are some of the ways to design it. 

Timeframe to complete a thesis: It is vital to think about the timeframe when picking anthropology dissertation ideas. Allocate time that will allow you to explore ideas and write at a comfortable pace.  Set aside time that is not too short or long. Anthropological staff and reputable organizations and institutions can guide on the topic. You can allocate one or two semesters. 

Some of the ideas that you can explore are gender differences in a particular village, Diversity in religion at a city, language influence to social life, or dependence on forest for fuel and power. Describe objectives, outcomes, background, and long –term objectives. Also, describe expectations from research, its significance, and methods to reach your conclusion.  

 Selecting A Topic For Your Dissertation In Anthropology 

Choose a focused topic as it lays a foundation for good research on the project. Determine the best research question, keep track of it when exploring and refining the topic. A list of questions on the subject helps you to refine the topic idea into one suitable research question or a series.  

Developing research questions increases more focus on the project serving as a guide to developing methodology. Carefully identify participants and research materials when selecting a topic for your dissertation in anthropology. The samples, archives, databases, and museums are some of the research sources, but they should be relevant to the topic. These topics can help you to overcome the challenges of selecting a topic. 

Browse literature in general subject areas such as journals and bibliographies that are interesting and relevant to your anthropology area of study. Publications in the last five years are more interesting. Read literature and book reviews relating to your topic area. They give you a better picture of your academic field. Direct you to interesting debates and determination of underexplored research areas. 

Develop a well-thought research question by breaking it down into three parts. The question should identify the problem to investigate the thesis or argument and scope/limitations of your project. A research question is a primary tool to define the extent of your research, analyze data, and communicate results. 

Remember to share your idea. Comments or questions by your colleagues, advisor, or peers about your topic help you to focus more on ideas, make amendments, and eliminate assumptions. 

 Anthropology Dissertation Topics Ideas 2020 

Anthropology is a study that provides deep insight into the society and its evolution. It includes several sub-fields like archaeology, cultural, physical, and linguistic anthropology. Formulate anthropology dissertation topics ideas 2020 that fits the research concentrations at your university and will contribute to getting a high grade. 

Topic ideas for 2020 should be more contemporary. Urbanization, ethnicity, and anthropology of development will make dissertation topic ideas for 2020. Anthropology PhD degree leads to a career as a university professor or positions in organizations that rely on research to function. You can work at: 

  • Non-profit organizations 
  • Private companies 
  • Government agencies  

Find topic ideas that you can research on and write a dissertation that qualifies you for a job in similar positions. Below are examples of the topics that are contemporary enough to connect anthropology studies with modern life and reasons. 

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    1. Climate change and responses 

 Climate change is happening in the modern world  

        2. School and gender in contemporary society 

Gender bias still happens at schools in some societies hindering schooling for a particular gender, especially girls. 

        3. Changing the structure of education  

 The introduction of technology to education is changing the structure of instruction. Classes now take place beyond the physical classrooms.  

         4. An exploration of changes in class, race, and civilization  

 Migration and other factors leading to more interaction are leading to a heterogeneous population  

 Anthropology Research Topics 

The anthropology research topic that you choose should fit these common methods of qualitative anthropological data collection. 

       a. Participant observation  

       b. In-depth reviews 

       c. Textual analysis 

       d. Focus groups  

Avoid a research topic if you are not familiar with it because wit will be challenging to develop. Pick from anthropology research topics, something that an impact in your field of study. The topic should also cause some positive or negative impact on human beings in any group, including the minority.  

The key to pick a topic is choosing with a moderate length. An extremely narrow topic will not generate many results after research. Avoid a very broad subject. It will produce too many results after research to affect narrowing down to one significant point and focus by the reader. 

A good topic should provide evidenced backed answers to the research question and capture the major concepts of your research.  Make sure that you perform much background research and read through the academic program syllabus to get inspiration for a topic.  

The content of your anthropology dissertation should have coherence with the issues that will show your mastery to a professor. Get the advice of your advisor when you are not sure about the assignment. Here are some of the anthropology research topics that relate to modern society. 

       1.  Development of anthropology in the 21st century 

      2. Comparison of physical and biological anthropology  

      3. The role of linguistic use in a country with people from varying backgrounds  

     4. Comparison of sing and verbal language  

     5. The anthropological context in the developed and developing world  

A good anthropology dissertation is that in which you present arguments, ideas, and evidence that end in a definitive conclusion. Do not limit your search for facts on anthropological information sources. Anthropology is a cross-discipline field, so check other databases and useful sources of topical information.