Your dissertation data analysis section should consist of the following:

  • An in-depth description of the hypothesis and the research questions. 
  • A brief overview that includes; the study purpose, steps in conducting the research, description of the type of data, data collection instruments that had been used, including assumptions made during the study.
  • A conclusion of every question distinctly and the intuition drew by the researcher from the analysis.
  • Detailed data collected, and the numerous mathematical, statistical, and qualitative analyses performed.
  • A summary paragraph with a brief review of the chapter

Some of the best practices to follow while writing the analysis section

  • Once any new theme surfaces from the analysis, then the researcher should acknowledge that linking such to an appropriate conclusion drawn from the study.
  • Provide a judgment and critical view for the results provided by the analysis.
  • Ensure to reference the analysis with the literature review, i.e., through cross-referencing.
  • Avoiding  jargon and defining technical terms used in the analysis
  • Ensure the introductory article explains the chapter.
  • Follow a theme based structure that is the same as that of the literature review.