These steps will guide you through a step-by-step guide in analyzing data.

Step 1: Data organization – The researcher should be able to identify the difference between the topics/questions including those that have been comprised in the interview guide as essential.

Step 2: organizing and finding ideas and concepts – acknowledge the frequently used phrases as well as ideas emanating from the interviewee 

Step 3: Constructing all-embracing themes – Every response category should entail one or more linked ideas that issue an in-depth meaning of the data. 

Step 4: Guaranteeing reliability and validity in data analysis – Ensuring safety necessitates diligent determinations and an obligation to consistency all through interviewing, transcribing, and analyzing the outcomes.

Step 5: Identifying any possible and plausible clarifications for findings – this will enable the researcher to tie themes and come up with a better idea of the results attained.Step 6: A summary of the last steps – The research findings should assist not only in identifying the strategies but also in bringing about change and being responsive to the needs of a community.