Qualitative analysis of interview data 

1. Reading the transcripts

  • Quickly browse through the entire transcript.
  • Create notes about your first impression.
  • Re-read the transcripts again.

2. Labeling the relevant pieces

  • Label the appropriate phrase, word, section, or sentence; the labels can be about activities, actions, opinions, processes, differences, or that which is relevant.

3. Decide which codes are relevant and create categories by bringing the systems together.

  • Revising the codes in the previous step
  • Create categories.

4. Labeling categories and determine which are relevant and their connection 

  • Label categories include adaptation, problem-solving, and seeking information. 
  • Describe connection 

5. Options 

  • Decide on the hierarchy available among the categories.
  • Draw a figure in summarizing the results.
  • Determine an essential category.

6. Write up the results 

  • Describe categories and their connection. 
  • Writer interpretation and discuss the results.