Economics Dissertation Writing Process

Economics is the social science dealing with production, distribution and consumptions of goods as well as services. It studies the way nations, governments, businesses and individuals make resource allocation choices to satisfy needs. 

Economics is technical with many equations, but you have to write something that explains your thoughts in text for the most part.  You must find a topic that showcases your grasp of the subject when writing an economics dissertation. It is the way to support your Doctorate candidature and earn a prestigious degree. 

Selecting A Unique Economics Dissertation Topic 

An economics dissertation is most likely the most significant project you will do at the university. You want to find a unique topic that shows your ability to bring a new idea in this academic field rather than present something your supervisor and dissertation committee members have been reading in the past. A unique topic will enable you to perform research and reach your conclusions.   

Be careful to pick a topic on something that you are knowledgeable.  You will find it challenging to complete a paper that might reach up to 15,000 words if the subject is difficult from the beginning. You may want to write a topic that makes a difference, but you can only achieve quality and writing in less time when you have some expertise.  

You can take an unusual topic or one that others have written with a fresh approach when selecting a unique economics dissertation topic. Remember to find something appealing even as you go for uniqueness.  A little guidance will help. Discuss your choice with your teacher, advisor or peers. 

The ideas below can turn to a unique economics topic if you write from a fresh approach. 

  1. Best ways to fund a new business 
  2. Application of social capital to emerging businesses  
  3. How can tertiary institutions play a part in the economics of the business? 
  4. The economic advantage of operating a business in a rural area 
  5. Does the growth of business co-relate with local culture  
  6. Importance of family input in running a business empire  
  7. Do top companies have any economic characteristics in common?  
  8. Role of clusters in contributing to the building of economic prosperity 
  9. Meaning of social entrepreneurship and its assistance to small-medium enterprises 
  10. Role of an economic planner in changing ways of conducting business 
  11. How banks are eroding on regulatory failure to cause major disruptions in business 
  12. Impact of sanctions: do they support or hinder economic growth  
  13. Economic consequences of donor aid to lending and receiving nations  
  14. What are the results of massive unemployment of the youth in a country? 
  15. How does Breton wood funding influence the economy of a developing country 
  16. The effect of government funding on think thanks and growth of ideas 
  17. Does private funding affect the growth of an economy?  
  18. An analysis of the economic impact of increasing oil prices 
  19. Are older economic theories and philosophies still in fashion?  
  20. Influence of political upheaval on the economy of a country  

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Economics Dissertation Topics for 2020 

Economics has been changing, and a dissertation topic at this time must reflect a perspective fitting current trends. Different approaches in the economy include a focus on areas such as geography, sociology, anthropology and policy institutions. An economics paper should provide a clearer view of problems and issues relating to the modern economic world. The most crucial task is to gather data, mainly in the quantitative form, to show your perspective. Below are some of the economics dissertation topics for 2020 you can build upon for a modern perspective to economics. 

  • A study on the impact of inflation on new investments 
  • Role of law in achieving economic growth  
  • Role of local culture in shaping entrepreneurial development  
  • Analysis of correlation between interest rates and consumer patterns 
  • Position of the youth in support of economic growth  

Dissertation Topics Related to Economic Geography 

Economic geography is the study of human economic activities about different conditions like location, production, distraction and consumption.  It is an area focusing on resources available in a particular region, their development and utilization. Economic geography also, focuses on human economic activities and their interaction with resources.  Regions and localities are essential dynamics in shaping nature as well as the extent of economic activity. Read the suggestions below for dissertation topics related to economic geography

  • Differences in investment behavior in urban and rural areas  
  • Role of local culture in the promotion of regional innovation networks  
  • Do local cultural factors have any relationship with the domination of particular industries in small towns? 
  • Contribution by emigrant communities in diversifying entrepreneurial strategies  
  • Economic opportunities   within local boundaries: A case study of a particular area 

Dissertation Topics on Microeconomics 

Microeconomics is a branch of economics dealing with the economic perspectives at an individual level. It takes allocation of limited resources into account.  The microeconomics theories you use in your dissertation should be interesting to you built relevant to the modern world.  Find a topic that fits the objective of microeconomics. It is about examining and analyzing the way consumers and producers make varying decisions in different economic settings.  Below is a list of some dissertation topics on microeconomics

  • Laws and their impact on the performance by companies 
  • Does the size of a company affect its profits?  
  • Evaluation of economics performance during   uncertainty  
  • How useful are innovations in appealing to particular consumers? 
  • An evaluation ion the impact of mergers 

Dissertation Topics on Employment Economics 

Production requires human capital. All types of organizations pay people who work in the production process. Employment is crucial in economics because it has links to other areas of the economy as people spend their income to purchase goods or services.  It correlates with technology advancements that impact the labor market directly influencing the employment rate. Here are some dissertation topics on employment economics

  • Effects of technology in creating and destroying job opportunities  
  • A study on the way flexible employment affects overall productivity in an organization 
  • Impact of gender matters in workforce productivity and economic growth  
  • Why is self-employment not prevalent like employed jobs  
  • Is hiring immigrant workers a solution to reducing the cost of production? Discuss. 

Dissertation Topics on Economic Sociology 

Economic sociology is a study of the way production and consumption define material life depending on the social processes. It is about sociological aspects that influence economic indicators and the relationship between social outcomes.  A good economic sociology dissertation explores the cause and effect relationship between social causes and underpinning economic effects. Some of the possible dissertation topics on economic sociology you can adapt in your paper include: 

  • An exploration of the impact that social networks can add to the success of a brand 
  • A critical analysis of differences between power and trust in productive systems 
  • How can learning institutions capitalize on social networks to stimulate entrepreneurship among students?  
  • Implications of globalization on social developments across emerging, developing and developed economies  
  • Impact of migration to the economy in developed countries  

Dissertation Topics on Institutional Economics 

Institutional economics is about the role that institutions play in shaping economic behavior. Institutions impact people in a particular way by promoting some values and norms.  An institutional economics dissertation should center on the way institutions impact business relationships and economics of a particular place. The Find a topic concerned with economic traditions linked to production, distribution and consumption of goods or services together with corresponding social relations.  You can base your paper on some of these dissertation topics on institutional economics

  • Evaluating the role of bureaucracy in productivity levels in a country 
  • Impact of transaction costs on economic development 
  • Factors contributing to the growth of a successful firm  
  • An assessment on implications of the institutional economics methodologies for a review of the property market  
  • An analysis of shareholder forces controlling the running of corporate behind the scene  

Dissertation Topics on Environmental Economics 

Environmental economics deals with the relationship between the environment and the economy.  You can find a topic that discusses the issue from two sides. You can write a dissertation about extraction and use natural resources or return of waste to the environment.  A good environmental economics topic should make your readers understand some current environmental issues such as nuclear policy, climate change policy and recycling or traffic congestion.   You can turn these pressing issues to dissertation topics on environmental economics.  

  • Impact of climate change on economics: Discuss 
  • How will global warming due to factory emissions affect the economy in the coming decade? 
  • A study on the long term   economic benefits of cutting carbon emissions  
  • What is the economic perspective of ethanol production?  
  • Reasons for miners to offer incentives regarding water and land management  

Dissertation Topics on Regional Development 

Regional development in economics is a discipline focusing on understanding the dynamics of regions as the smaller economies with their circumstances and outcomes. Each regional level has a component of economic growth. A dissertation on regional development should provide information on the internal working of regional economies together with inter-regional interaction. Since a dissertation would be clumsy if you write in many regions, let your topic be about one or two. 

You will gain further ideas for your paper studying the following dissertation topics on regional development

  • Importance of developing a regional development policy by nations 
  • Can regional development affect the profitability of a business?  
  • Role of broadband internet technology in the development of a region  
  • Evaluating the role of infrastructure in regional development: A comparison between emerging, developing and developed economies  
  • The role of cooperation between regions in developing sustainable advantage  

Choosing a topic is one part of the economics dissertation writing process. Other steps are conducting a literature review, collecting data, generating and analyzing the results.   The last step is to compile the findings of research in a coherent argument to answer the research question and end with a conclusion that might include recommendations for future research. Remember to list down the sources in a bibliography on the last page of your dissertation in the academic style of your university.